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Super Honey 1kg
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1.) Pure Honey
- Is has a favorable effect on asthma, bronchitis, allergies, combat headache & high blood pressure. 
- It helps to improve our digestive system & give the skin smoothness & tenderness, fastens the healing of wounds & brings to normal gastric juice acidity. Maintenance LIVER, lungs cough, improve constipation, fatigue, enhance physical strength, regulating blood sugar levels, repair liver cells, after hangover headache, calcium absorption, beauty, health and longevity.

Bee Pollen
- It is popular because human cannot collect such a wide variety of pollen. 
- It is a unique protein food since it contains all elements that are vital for the normal functioning of the human organism.
- It enhance human brain cell, protect & against from hemorrhage of the brain & the problem of infertility, increase energy, vitality & a fat loss supplement. Maintaining a healthy heart, dilation of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure, build brain puzzle, black eye, allergic rhinitis, stomach pain, etc. 

- It is a natural antiviral & antifungal, serve as protection against virus infections such as cold, flu herpes. Excellent for ulcers, sore throat, sinus problems, bad breath, pain control, frostbites, against side effect of irradiation, oxygen free radial damage, heart attack, atorke, cancer, as well poor liver function. It also remedy for malignant skin growth. Is a natural antibiotic with potent bactericidal detoxification, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, prevent oxidation, reduce vascular fragility, lower cholesterol, purify the blood, treat colds, flu, cough, sore throat, wounds fester, acne, skin diseases and analgesic. 

Royal Jelly
- Enhance the metabolism s'ual desire & performance, improve hormone imbalance, lower cholesterol, reduce blood sugar, good for infertility & menopause related symptoms, helps reduce skin blemishes, improve rheumatic fever, backache, joint syndrome, helps in weight control & natural immune system. In favor of pregnant women and infertility and menopause-related symptoms and reduce skin blemishes, improve rheumatic fever, backache, joint syndrome, regulate blood sugar, help diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Treatment of constipation, activate cells, skin beauty, rejuvenation , increase libido.

Bee Venom Honey
-It can enhance our body blood flow, which is good for rheumatism, uric acid, fout & arthritis. 
-It helps for backache, num, body & bone pain. 

Bee Pupa
-It can improves total mental function such as migraine problem & headache, enhance performance, increases & strengthens the immune system. 
-It helps in reducing menstrualpain & irregularities & menopausal symptoms. 
-Improvement of the grey hair, balding, fallen hair, more beautiful skin & Hypertension.


Bee Wax (Honey Comb)
-It is a secretion from glands located the underside of a worker bee abdomen. 
-The bealing properties of bee wax give the skin smoothness & tenderness. Remove intestinal toxins, protecting the large intestine, help gastrointestinal absorption, improve the symptoms of rhinitis and asthma.

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