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Sell On Dinasou

Sell on Dinasou (for Merchants)

Steps on How to Sell Your Product:

Step 1: Merchant Brand Street
Login to your account and use the marketing tools to kickstart your online business.

Step 2: Product Listing
List your products individually or in bulk with our bulk listing function. For the experienced e-commerce sellers, use our API listing to maximise efficiency.

Step 3: Check for Orders
Keep track of your confirmed orders by heading to Order Management - Completed Order Details

Step 4: Shipment of Products will send a courier to Merchant's location to pick up Product, which must be packed by Merchant. If Merchant opts for the Fulfilment by Dinasou (FBD) model, they can store their goods at's warehouse and their Product will be packed by The FBD model is targeted at Merchants outside of Malaysia, but local merchants who are not located in Selangor can choose to have their Products shipped under the FBD model.

Step 5: Customer's Purchase Confirmation
Once the order has been completed, customers are encouraged to click on "Purchase Confirmation" to affirm that they have received their order.

Step 6: Receive Settlement
Upon Purchase Confirmation, you will receive the settlement in your registered bank account based on the following:
i) 1st – 15th: Settlement at the end of the month.
ii) 16th – 31st: Settlement on the 15th of the following month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do I need to have in order to sell on
You must be a registered business to sell on

2. Is there a registration fee I have to pay in order to sell on
You can list your products for free and there will be no fixed costs for you to pay. We will charge a Service Fee on the price of your product, which differs according to category.

3. What and how many products can I sell on
No limit, but the Product(s) must be a best-seller.

4. How long does it take to process my application as a new seller?
A minimum of 7 days.

5. When will pay me for the product(s) I have sold?
Please refer to Step 6.

6. Do I have to enter into an agreement or contract if I want to sell on

7. What are the logistics partners with and how much do I have to pay by using their service?
Merchants will be given a few choices as to which logistics partner they prefer and the payment for their services will depend on which logistics partner the merchant has chosen. The list of logistics partners will be attached to the marketplace agreement.

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