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TocoE Aromatic Moisturizer-E
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TocoE Skin Rescurer Lotion
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Summary of Toco E , Maricle Antiaging Product

Main Actives Ingredients
Tocotrienol – natural extract from palm oil, potent vitamin E about 40-60 times more than tocopherol. High antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, DNA repaired, and reduce pigmentation properties. Virgin Coconut Oil – is high in natural saturated fat that will increase good cholesterol ( HDL ) and help convert bad cholesterol ( LDL ) to good cholesterol. It’s high lauric acid helps to be as an excellent moisturizer, antibacterial and antifungal and good penetration to ours skin. Argan Oil – naturally contain vitamin A & E. It also contains high amount of linoleic acid prevents excess skin cells from building up and oeic acid promote balanced sebum..
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